The Fourth Annual Summer Institute on Theology and Disability was hosted by Emanuel College at the University of Toronto. The primary sponsor was the Bethesda Institute. Other sponsors included Emmauel College of Victoria College at the University of Toronto; Bethesda Institute; Christian Horizons, Inc,; Faith and Culture Inclusion Network of Ontario.

Presentation by Jason Hays: Beyond Disability

Presentation by Bill Gaventa: Who Saves Who? Conversion and Evangelism


Presentation by Jeremy Schipper: Leviticus and the Priest with Disabilities: A Job Description

Presentation by Judith Snow: Agent or Object

Presentation by Julie Watts Belser: Familiarity and Difference


Presentation by Mohammad Ghaly: The Prophet of Islam and People with Disability

Presentation by John Swinton: Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Presentation by Hans Reinders: Calvin on Job, Disability and Suffering


Presentation by John Swinton: Who is the Stranger?

Presentation by Jeremy Schipper: The Use of Leviticus in Eiesland’s The Disabled God