The Fifth Annual Summer Institute on Theology and Disability was held June 16-20, 2014, in Dallas, Texas. It was hosted by Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University, in partnership with the Bethesda Institute of Watertown, Wisconsin, Highland Park United Methodist Church in Dallas, and the Faith Inclusion Network (FIND) of Dallas.

Presentation by Bill Gaventa: Beyond Inclusion: Vision, Leadership, and Belonging

Presentation by Erik Carter: The Other Six Days

Presentation by Darla Schumm: Removing the Speck from my Neighbor’s Eyes: Some Theological and Ethical Reflections on Blindness

Presentation by Amos Yong: Disability and Suffering: Pastoral and Practical Theological Considerations

Presentation by Judith Snow: It’s About Grace

Presentation by Stan Hauerwas: On Disability

Presentation by Shelly Christensen: Judaism and Disabilities. Even Moses Needed a Voice

Presentation by Jaime Clark Soles: Disability and the Johannine Literature

Presentation by Benjamin Conner: Our Iconic Witness: Disability in Missiological Perspectives

Presentation by Helen Betenbaugh: Disability: Theology in Liminality