Presentation by Ben Conner, Tom Boogaart, Randy Smit & Todd Billings: Integrating Disability into Seminary Life and Curriculum

Presentation by Jeff McNair: Growing Up: Disability Ministry and Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Presentation by Rabbi Darby Leigh, Sharon Shapiro-Sparks and Rabbi Julia Watts Belser: The Ruderman Family Foundation Jewish Plenary

Presentation by Jill Hershaw: Finding Accommodation

Presentation by Luca Badetti: Self and Community: The Importance of Interdependence and Its Shadow Side

Presentation by Erik Carter: On Belonging: Lessons Learned about What Matters Most

Presentation by Darla Schumm: Learning from our Neighbors Near and Far: World Religions and Disability

Presentation by Bill Gaventa: An Inclusive Liturgy, All Week Long

Presentation by Hans Reinders: Quality of Life and Human Flourishing

Presentation by Tom Reynolds: Disability, Faith, and Community: The Vulnerable Artistry of Relation

Presentation by John Swinton: Walking with the Three Mile an Hour God