This study focuses on demographic, environmental, and interpersonal factors that account for some of the attitudes toward, the experiences with, and emotional reactions to siblings with disabilities in the Orthodox Jewish community. Of 500 people contacted who had siblings with developmental disabilities, 73 respondents completed packets that included background information, questionnaire responses, and psychological scales measuring emotional sensitivity. Correlates of feelings toward G-d, stigma, self-esteem, and emotional effects were explored. Results are discussed in the context of the sociology of the family in Orthodox Judaism as it affects attitudes toward people with disabilities.

Author(s): Shulamis Juni Pollak

Journal: Religion, Disability & Health

Date: 2008

Volume: 12

Issue: 2

Pages: 154-185

DOI: 10.1080/15228960802160688

Databased: Yes

Disabilities: Developmental Disability

Categories: Families