This study explored the relationship between disability and spirituality as described by women with disabilities, as part of a larger study. In-depth interviews were conducted with six women with severe disabilities by one of the researchers who is a male with disabilities. At the beginning of each interview, the interviewer defined spirituality as an inner belief system concerning how the world works. Each interview was audio taped and transcribed verbatim. An interdisciplinary team comprised of four researchers, including the interviewer who served as auditor, analyzed the data using the procedures set forth in the Consensual Qualitative Research Model (Hill, Thompson, & Williams, 1997). The women voiced insights concerning the interaction between disability and spirituality and described the subsequent effects of this interaction on their lives. Each woman described spirituality as an on-going journey filled with changes that were inextricably woven into their experience of disability. The reciprocal nature of the interaction between disability and sprituality led to an on-going process of re-envisioning both disability and spirituality.

Author(s): Boni B. Boswell, Sharon Knight & Michael Hamer

Journal: Rehabilitation

Date: 2001

Volume: 67

Issue: 4

Pages: 20-25


Databased: Yes

Disabilities: Physical Disabilities

Categories: Individuals with disabilities