Interviews were conducted with 17 families of children, youth, and adults with problem behavior (e.g., aggression toward others, property destruction, self-injurious behavior, and pica). From a larger study addressing questions, the data reported in this article focus on inclusive lifestyle issues that are important to families. Results are organized into categories that emerged from the qualitative anlysis, including family life, friendship, school issues, community inclusion, and supported living/supported employment. Themes suggest extremely scant and tenous inclusive lifestyle supports for these people and their families. Key recommendations focus on expanded family support and priority topics for research and training.

*The study includes participation in religious activities as a point of discussion.

Author(s): Ann P. Turnbull and Mike Ruef

Journal: Exceptional Children

Date: 1997

Volume: 63

Issue: 2

Pages: 211-227


Databased: Yes

Disabilities: General, Emotional/Behavioral Disorders

Categories: Families