In this qualitative study we look critically at the opportunity for participation in religious services for people with developmental disabilities from three perspectives: house managers (n = 4), church leaders (n = 6), and people with developmental disabilities residing in group homes (n = 25). Observations were also made at several church services attended by the group home residents. Results suggest that people with developmental disabilities want to go to church and enjoy religious worship. Their full inclusion in activities and developing friendships, however, appears to be quite limited due to the conflicting expectations of house managers and church leaders, the lack of transportation or support staff, and the stereotypical attitudes towards people with developmental disabilities.

Author(s): Carol A. Minton & Richard A. Dodder

Journal: Mental Retardation

Date: 2003

Volume: 41

Issue: 6

Pages: 430-439

DOI: 10.1352/0047-6765(2003)41<430:PIRSBP>2.0.CO;2

Databased: Yes

Disabilities: Developmental Disability

Categories: Congregations