The purpose of this study was to gain insight into the perspective of individuals with congenital disabilities about spirituality as a coping mechanism during crucial times in their lives. Qualitative analysis of interviews assessing turning points in the lives of 15 adults (6 women and 9 men; M = 37 years) with spinabifida, cerebral palsy, or attention deficit disorder was performed to determine how spirituality assisted them at these crucial times. Four recurring themes were identified: God as a guiding force, inner strength, meaning in life, and appropriateness of the use of spiritualify in counseling. The authors discuss their findings and the use of spirituality in counseling adults with congenital disabilities.

Author(s): Jacqueline A. Specht, Gillian A. King, Colleen Willoughby, Elizabeth G. Brown, and Linda Smith

Journal: Counseling and Values

Date: 2005

Volume: 50

Issue: 1

Pages: 51-62

DOI: 10.1002/j.2161-007X.2005.tb00040.x

Databased: Yes

Disabilities: Developmental Disability, Emotional/Behavioral Disorders, Medical/Health Disabilities

Categories: Individuals with disabilities