“Institute on Theology and Disability”

“Institute on Theology and Disability”

The Summer Institute on Theology and Disability is now known simply as the Institute on Theology and Disability. In an effort to increase clarity, the core council has elected to let go of the “Summer” in the mandate while retaining the mandate and direction championed by director Bill Gaventa in the first ten years of the Summer Institute. 

In other news, theologydisability.org has been registered as an easy-to-remember web link directed to the Collaborative on Faith and Disability’s home page for the Institute, and info@theologydisability.org has become the official email address for inquiries related to the Institute on Theology and Disability. 

Podcast on Religious Communities and People with Disabilities

At the 2019 Summer Institute on Theology and Disability, the Church of Latter Day Saints and Brigham Young University organized a group of leaders from around the world to talk about religious communities and people with disabilities for a podcast. #94—People with...

The Christian Century features a reflection on Putting Faith to Work by Bill Gaventa The full blog post may be accesses here: Putting Faith to Work helps people with disabilities find meaningful employment