Logo for the Institute on Theology and DisabilityThe Summer Institute on Theology and Disability is now known simply as the Institute on Theology and Disability. While initially the annual conferences of the ITD were held in the summer, over the past years they have been held earlier (May, for instance). In an effort to increase clarity, the core council has elected to let go of the “Summer” in the mandate while retaining the mandate and direction championed by director Bill Gaventa in the first ten years of the Summer Institute.

Alternately, it was proposed and debated that “International Institute on Theology and Disability” might be a viable option, given that ITD has had an increased international presence and emphasis over the past years. In order to keep the name short and accessible, it was decided to emphasize the international aspect in marketing and promotional descriptions instead.

In other news, theologydisability.org has been registered as an easy-to-remember web link directed to the Collaborative on Faith and Disability’s home page for the Institute, and info@theologydisability.org has become the official email address for inquiries related to the Institute on Theology and Disability.