Institute on Theology and Disability

Hope College and Western Theological Seminary, May 18-21 2020

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About the Institute

Our Mission is to foster diverse and authentic interfaith conversations at the intersection of theology and disability.

Our Vision is that international theological learning and religious practices embrace the gifts, needs, and contributions of people with disabilities and their families.

We work to achieve our vision through collaboratively hosting an accessible and inclusive four-day institute that gathers together leading scholars, writers, faith leaders, advocates, and others committed to advancing inclusive ministries and faith supports.

The Institute celebrates, explores, and investigates the ways that:


  • Disability impacts all major theological disciplines as well as the many dimensions of religious life and faith community practices.
  • Theology and practice mutually inform and support one another.
  • Diverse perspectives enrich and inform theological formation and religious practice.

You can learn more about the Summer Institute on Theology and Disability and its history by visiting our “About Us” page or by downloading the Ten-Year-Snapshot document prepared in 2019.

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