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Institute on Disability & Human Development (IDHD)

The Institute on Disability & Human Development is dedicated to promoting the independence, productivity, and inclusion of people with disabilities into all aspects of society.

IDHD realizes its mission through its academic department, clinical services, research centers and community programs. The mission is addressed by conducting research and disseminating information about disability to academicians, policymakers, businesses, government agencies, service providers and the general public. The IDHD also provides an extensive array of clinical and community service activities and through the Department of Disability and Human Development and other academic departments, offering interdisciplinary pre-service training. The values of cultural diversity, consumer choice and self-determination are emphasized across the life span in all training, public service, and research activities of the IDHD.

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Institute on Disability & Human Development Activities

  • Salkas, K., Marques, I., Magaña, S.M. (2015). Spirituality in Latino families of children with autism spectrum disorders. Poster to be presented at the International Meeting for Autism Research, Salt Lake City, UT, May, 2015.
  • Salkas, K. (2013) Exploring how spirituality shapes conceptualizations of and feelings about disability. (Unpublished Master’s thesis). University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL.
  • Hasnain, R., Cohen, L., & Shanawani, H. (2008). Disability and the Muslim perspective: An introduction for rehabilitation and health care providers. Center for International Rehabilitation Research Information and Exchange. – monograph/technical report
  • Schindler, A. (2009). Healing Narratives and Disabilities: Case Studies with Missionary Church Pastors. (Unpublished Master’s thesis). University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago IL.
  • Sibling Leadership Network Guide on Outreach Strategies to Diverse Communities – As the SLN is creating a guide for chapters that include outreach strategies to reach diverse communities they are including outreach to faith communities.