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The Institute on Development & Disability

The Institute on Development & Disability (IDD) at OHSU works with patients, families, clinicians, researchers, and many other professionals to meet the goal of improving the lives of people with disabilities.

The IDD performs research and care to support every patient, from premature babies to older adults, facing changes in life due to the onset of disabling conditions.

With more than 100 years of practice, we understand how to best meet the needs of our patients and their families in Oregon and beyond.

We embrace the right of people with disabilities to determine the course of their lives and to live as fully integrated, contributing members of their communities.

Our projects are developed with those missions in mind, and we welcome your feedback and participation.

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Oregon Center Activities


The Child Development & Rehabilitation Center acts as the clinical component of the IDD. While focused on children since the early 1900’s, we see patients well into their adult years as we are often the only specialists in the area focusing on a variety of disabilities including spina bifida, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, and many others. The specialized treatment patients receive at CDRC supports their engagement with their families and community as more fully functioning individuals.


Research at the IDD is conducted throughout our organization. The CDRC is currently working on research projects totaling $3 million annually, with topics including: pediatric psychology, genetic abnormalities, hemophilia treatment, and birth defects. The goal of our research is to improve and increase the lifespan for children with disabilities by allowing advanced treatment options.

Additional research is conducted at OHSU’s University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities program, a national program funded by the Administration on Developmental Disabilities (ADD). This Center is one of 67 across the United States and Territories committed to envisioning a future where everyone, including people with disabilities, are able to participate in, and live as fully integrated, participating members of their communities.


By reaching out to our communities and assisting families statewide, we are able to directly impact the services provided by the IDD. The  Oregon Center for Children & Youth with Special Health Needs, (OCCYSHN) pronounced [oh-shuhn], Program promotes optimal health, development, and well-being of Oregon’s children and youth with special health needs.

Our Oregon Office on Disability & Health (OODH) Program is also a community-based organization working to prevent secondary conditions and improve the health and quality of life for Oregonians with disabilities through improved access to health care facilities, public health programs, effective health promotion, and wellness programs.


There are several training opportunities at the IDD with a disability focus. Our training activity specializes in future professional interests in the disability field. This training is provided by the Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (LEND) Program. Within the LEND Program are 15 different disciplines that work to provide multi-disciplinary training for future professionals.

Additionally, programs are available for youth and college-aged students interested in the medical/disability field. These programs include the UCEDD Summer Student Internship Program and the LEND High School Program. Both programs work to expose students to the medical field, and in particular, the field of disabilities. These are short-term experiences with the longest being a summer internship, which students complete during their summer vacations.