The Putting Faith to Work Model

What does Putting Faith to Work look like? A small group of people comes alongside and gets to know a member with a disability—or someone in the community—who wants to find meaningful work. They listen and look for the gifts, passions, and skills a person possesses. And then they reach out through the members of their congregations and beyond to find an employer in the community who needs exactly those gifts and skills in their workplace. After all, faith communities are filled with employers, employees, and others who are
connected to businesses and work opportunities all throughout a community.

The Putting Faith to Work model has several stages. The program replication manual provides detailed information, materials, and resources on each stage. The previews below will briefly introduce the process.

“Striving to be inclusive
and welcoming is part
of the church’s DNA,
and this project just
sounded like something
we want to be a part of.”
-PFTW Team Member

“I do think it is important for congregations to help those with disabilities to
find jobs because it allows the Body to be part of bringing dignity to those with
disabilities through the goal of work and contributing. Our adults have much to
offer, and we of faith communities should be on the forefront of seeing where
they could be best serving or using the gifts God has given them.”
-PFTW Team Member

Gathering a Team and Crafting a Plan
This step involves inviting the people to the team and outlining a structure and a plan of action. To learn more about this step, CLICK HERE.

Inviting Job Seekers
This step involves extending invitations to job seekers with disabilities who will benefit from the support. To learn more about this step, CLICK HERE.

A Conversation About Work
This step involves holding a get-to-know-you conversation. Who is the person, what type of work to they desire, and what are the strengths that will aid them in securing a meaningful job. To learn more about this step, CLICK HERE.

Connecting to Employment
This step involves networking inside and outside the congregation to make an employment connection. To learn more about this step, CLICK HERE

Supporting Job Seekers
This step involves staying in touch with the person supported once they have secured a job and approaches to supports. To learn more about this step, CLICK HERE.

Reflecting on the Journey
The step involves recurring evaluation of what is working for the team and what areas could be improved upon. To learn more about this step, CLICK HERE.