A Conversation About Work

Landing a job that matches one’s interests, draws upon one’s strengths and gifts, and aligns with one’s sense of calling or vocation can be deeply satisfying. But finding such a job is not often easy. The Putting Faith to Work model focuses more on connecting people to personally meaningfully work rather than on securing any open position. To do this well, it is important to invest time getting to know job seekers in ways that enable everyone on the team know what type of job would place them in their “sweet spot.”

This section of the manual offers examples of how teams might come alongside job seekers with disabilities to learn about their (a) strengths, gifts, and passions; (b) prior work-related experiences; (c) job interests; (d) possible places and personal connections; and (e) supports needed for success.

The next step in the Putting Faith to Work process is to make employment connections.