Resources Database

A growing number of resources focused on faith and disability are now available. We are compiling these resources and sharing them on the pages below. Explore these resource sections of the website. And let us know of other resources that should be listed by clicking here

1. Books

Numerous books addressing topics related to religion, spirituality, and disability have been published over the past two decades. Search for books in this section.

2. Chapters 

Many edited books include individual chapters focused on faith and disability. Search for chapters in this section.

3. Articles

Research and other scholarship at the intersection of disability, religion, and inclusive spiritual supports is often scattered across diverse fields and hidden in myriad databases. Search for articles in this section.

4. Downloadables

Find practical guides, resources, and other online materials produced by our partners and others  across the country and around the world. Search for downloadable resources in this section.

5 .Organizations and Websites

Discover organizations and programs across the country who are doing work in the areas of faith and disability.

6. Positions and Resolutions

Explore a range of position statements and resolutions issued by denominations, faith groups, and other organizations.