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2015 Webinar Series: Honoring Spiritual Needs and Gifts: From Inertia to Collaborative Action by Providers and Congregations

1. Including Spirituality in Assessment, Evaluation, and Person-Centered Planning Processes

Date: January 26, 2015

Panelists: Erik Carter, Catherine Patterson, Lida Merrill, and Rick Benjamin

This webinar provides information and resources on how to consider the spiritual needs of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in assessments and planning. It is the first webinar in a series sponsored by the National Collaborative on Faith and Disability and the Religion & Spirituality Division of AAIDD.

This webinar aired January 26, 2015 and was the first of the monthly series.

Access additional archived webinars below:

1. Supporting Faith and Flourishing Among People with IDD and Their Families: Lessons Learned From a Mixed-Methods Research Project

Date: May 14, 2014

Speakers: Thomas L. Boehm and Erik Carter

While inclusion across educational, vocational, and residential systems has received much attention, supporting individuals with disabilities in their spiritual lives has often been overlooked. We will share findings from a mixed-methods study of 450 families addressing this important dimension of young people’s lives within a family systems perspective. Our conversation will also focus on how other emerging scholars might engage in related research and dissemination efforts.

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1. Social Inclusion in Faith Communities

Speakers: Bill Gaventa and Erik Carter

Description: Although the AAIDD has a compelling position statement addressing the importance of supporting well the spirituality and religious participation of people with disabilities intellectual or developmental disabilities, many faith communities are uncertain about how to welcome people with disabilities and their families well into the life of their congregation. This webinar focused on policies and practices for supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to participate and contribute in meaningful ways within the faith community of their choice. Erik and Bill share best practices for supporting clergy, congregations, and service providers to move towards inclusive faith supports. New resources and initiatives were also shared.

2. From Rights to Relationships: The Power of Inclusive Spiritual Supports

Speakers: Bill Gaventa and Erik Carter

Description: Explore the dimensions of a powerful but too frequently untapped source of community inclusion for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. For some, faith communities are not only a “natural support” organization, but also a pathway to more inclusive and productive lives in the wider community in which their gifts are recognized and contributions utilized. This session will summarize the growing research in the area of spiritual supports and share best practices and strategies for assisting the faith community and services providers in providing for the spiritual needs and choices of people with I/DD.

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