Faith communities create community and are important to many individuals with intellectual disability. However, relatively little is known about how intellectual disability is construed among faith leaders and the inclusion of people with intellectual disability in faith communities. To address these gaps in knowledge, we interviewed 12 Catholic priests, parochial vicars, and deacons to explore: their experiences with individuals with intellectual disability; their beliefs towards the involvement of individuals with intellectual disability within faith communities; and how religion informs their understanding of intellectual disability. We identified five religiously-anchored narratives of intellectual disability, and explore implications for individuals with intellectual disability and faith communities.

Author(s): Mazna Patka & Katherine E. McDonald

Journal: Disability and Society

Date: 2015

Volume: 30

Issue: 8

Pages: 1241-1258

DOI: 10.1080/09687599.2015.1090953


Disabilities: Intellectual Disability

Categories: Clergy/Theology, Congregations